Random Draws 1

If you’re interested in continuing to see my art while WhoovesStuck is on hiatus, you can follow me at mcnapainter. I will hopefully  be posting doodles and draws there frequently, that don’t relate directly to whoovesstuck.

Also, in case y’all weren’t aware, WhoovesStuck is going to revive soon. So keep your eyes open for that.

Thanks for still following you guys. I know hiatuses suck, so I shall reward the strong for lasting out. <3


Ditzy Doo: Attempt to repair the decor.

Good enough.

Command submitted by: timid-tracks

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Ditzy Doo: Inquire about strange decor.

You can worry about some stupid disk later!

There are more pressing issues at the moment. Such as the ones you just caused. You take a quick look around at the shattered and destroyed mythical curiosities that this strange pony has clearly been collecting.

While deeply disturbed by the devotion to such things, you still feel bad for being the one who wrecked everything, even if it wasn’t your fault.

Command submitted by:  tarukai788

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Be Scootaloo.

You are currently running WhoovesStuck on Disk 2.

Character files for character SCOOTALOO are located on Disk 1.

However, Disk 1 appears to be missing.

Command submitted by: elenkaiahascupcakes

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Soarin Sparkwing: Start acting like a gentleman and help your lady friend.



Oh crap.

Command submitted by: ask-seth-ferai

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Winona: Stop being a totally non important character to the story.

Fine, you’re this asshole now.

You have been patiently waiting for your friend to pull the other ponies out of the shrubbery for the past five minutes to no avail.

Command submitted by: ask-derpyandthedoctor

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Winona: Go inside.

You would, but there is a mystical barrier in your way. You attempt to scratch at the door, but that does nothing.

You would attempt a more intelligent plan of maneuvering this obstacle should you have a larger brain. Or opposable thumbs.

Command submitted by: shanghai-ohmy

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Winona: Urinate on everything.

stop does NOT MEAN DO IT MORE.

Command submitted by: melkyore

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